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SKYBAY operates as an independent air and sea freight forwarding company. We are therefore able to respond with great flexibility, targeting our resources with maximum efficiency whilst affording a genuinely personal approach. We take care of forwarding shipment worldwide; from project cargo to regular air freight consolidations & sea freight grouping services, import & export, warehousing & distribution and door-to-door services. We will be your best choice to fulfill your comprehensive logistical needs around the globe in a swift and most reliable manner at any given time. All your consignments will be executed under extreme care by utilizing well known international carriers and steamship-lines. Whether you are shipping high-value, time-definite or cost-sensitive cargo we do offer the innovative logistics you are looking for. We also handle all necessary documentation and customs clearance procedures for export or import, taking care that terms of dispatch or delivery are fulfilled and that our customers are constantly updated on their shipment status.


Welcome to our Website

Welcome to SKYBAY Shipping & Trading Pvt. Ltd. We are a leading International Shipping & Logistics Company established with a single minded purpose of satisfying your individual logistics needs and meeting the demands of today’s supply chain. Through our exceptional top quality and personalized service we can support you in all your global logistics and transportation needs. Our experienced and highly qualified professionals will always assist you to provide efficient, reliable and timely freight forwarding services on all your ocean and air imports and exports, cargo consolidation services, appropriate transportation services for your shipments and other value added global logistics services. Utilizing our reliable network of qualified business partners throughout the world, SKYBAY can easily be an integrated essential link in your supply chain. We offer a full range of logistical services from manufacturer to the end user with our value added services in  Warehousing, distribution, Order processing, Administration and Customer Service. Our goal is to make the logistics of your products the smoothest and easiest activity of your business, allowing you to get free from the hassles surrounding this and focus completely on your product line, sales and marketing initiatives. Our team of professionals will follow through on each and every shipment and you can be assured of up-to-the-minute status reports on all shipments at all times. The key factors differentiating us from our competitors are our commitment, competitive rates and flexibility in providing services. 

SKYBAY looks forward to discuss your logistical needs and we are confident of packaging our unique solutions into a complete answer for your company!

SKYBAY – Mission

The world of Transport and Logistics is complex and can be fraught with unseen obstacles. To navigate successfully around these requires the capability to tackle each new challenge with fresh ideas, applying creativity, experience and expertise. Rising to challenges like these is precisely what the team at SKYBAY does every day, everywhere in the world. Our passion to find better and smarter ways of doing things is the driving force behind our business. No matter how big or small; simple or complex, your cargo is, we aim to provide the customers a tailor made solution that meets their needs. We always provide superior service through clear, concise two-way communication. Our aim is to build relationships through our flexibility to meet our customers' changing demands and requirements.

SKYBAY – Vision

Our objective is customer driven - we are very much aware that our customers have a choice as to service provider. Whether the company is a multinational or small enterprise serving international markets, SKYBAY team clearly understands the customers’ needs and is determined to make the seemingly impossible become possible. Our vision is a continuation of SKYBAY’s success. Our existing service portfolio with ocean and air freight remains the cornerstone of our business. By taking this solid foundation to the next level, we want to establish SKYBAY as a true Global Supply Chain Management Company and a reliable partner to our customers. We deliver compelling solutions that provide value to all customers – every time. No matter what the size, exact business and location is - we are always driven by qualitative, safety related and environmental principles that best serve our customers and thus our own long-term interest. SKYBAY leadership with its state-of-the art infrastructure aims the implementation of Total Quality Management through continuous improvement; a work philosophy to which everyone in our organization is committed, that will prompt our customers’ loyalty.


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